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My Story

In the summer of 2019 I was working an office job as a media assistant.  An amazing company with even better employees, yet I didn't fit in.  I would rush to get my work done as early as possible in the morning so that by the afternoon I could study astrology, what I really wanted to be doing.  

Two years later after studying daily, reading, finding others in the community and finding my own voice, I am here to start my journey officially.  My goal is to leave my clients and the astrology community with greater self-awareness and appreciation for those around them, with new perspectives they haven't known before. 


My Approach

My approach to astrology is to keep it FUN.  I don't want to bore you with abstract concepts that you can't apply to your everyday life.  I want you to leave my session feeling refreshed and with better insight to making your life easier and feeling like you understand yourself.

Self-awareness is my goal.  A lot of times we are unaware of why things are a specific way, or why we act the way we do when it goes against our identity or our interests or morals. 

Ultimately, we are all multi-faceted people with complex layers to our personalities; complexities that take a lifetime to master.  I look at my approach to astrology like a cheat code for the self-awareness. Once you understand the language of astrology, it becomes easy to access the subconscious motives that otherwise might go overlooked.   


 I do not sugarcoat anything.  I'm a Jersey girl after all, we keep it real.  If you want honest and accountable spiritual growth, you've come to the right place. 

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