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About Me

Hello I am Daniella Giancarli and I am self-taught astrologer based in Denver, Colorado.  I began my journey into astrology to gain self-awareness and little did I know how much it was going to change my life.  That is why I am now offering personalized readings, self-awareness coaching and much more! 

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.”

—Dane Rudhyar

Specialty Services


Life Path & Higher Purpose Evaluation

During this session we will dive deeply into the nodal coaching necessary to fulfill your divine life path and provide you with the self-awareness tools to get you on track.  

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Synastry Reading

Is there an aspect to your relationship that is lacking communication techniques? Do you need help catering to each other's love languages? This is a reading for two people to understand one another more.  Mainly pertains to those involved romantically, but can be for any two people with a significant relationship.

Nodal Coaching

During these sessions we will build a personalized plan that will help activate your life in the direction of your north node, what you came here to do in this lifetime! 

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